Key Largo track memories is native the 1981-82 music era and also when it involves music, there’s rather literally something the end there to fit everyone. I write around the times and also the vinyl record memories from three special decades that mattered most to me, music wise. Once the song fits with my certain music preferences I blend it in with where I think it fits best along side those exorbitant old songs associated with the golden age of vinyl records. If there were ever a song with perfect lyrics the you just wanted come share through others and also send earlier in time it would surely have to be the vinyl record memories of this  classic love song, crucial Largo.Key Largo is an island turn off the shore of Florida the was the setup for the 1948 movie that the same name certification Humphrey Bogart and also Lauren Bacall, who were married in actual life and also one that the most glamorous couples in Hollywood. Bertie Higgins flourished up in Tarpon Springs, Florida and also spent a most time in the Florida keys. That based this track on the movie, with a fail romance additionally serving together inspiration.The crucial Largo track memories speak of Bogie and Bacall, the 1948 movie, and also especially this perfect reference line native the song. "We had actually it all, similar to Bogie and Bacall."(Who does not gain that heat stuck in their head?)This is the final teamwork of Humphrey Bogart and also his mam Lauren Bacall, and also one deserve to tell the they"ve resolved nicely into their particular roles, a culmination the working with each other on 3 other films in the 1940"s.

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In the publication Behind The Hits, Higgins said: "I lived v a girl a lengthy time in Florida. Her name was Beverly Seaberg."

"We used to clock old movies on the weekends, and also to us, the Bogart and also Bacall romance was a phenomenal one: since of your age distinction - she was 20 and also he to be 45 - and also because the civilization was clamoring constanly because that them to make a relationship work-related in Hollywood."

"Bev left me, and I ache for about two years. Finally, ns said, "Well, I"ve obtained to reach her somehow." and also the only tools I had actually to reach her with was a song. So I wrote the track "Key Largo." It to be a plea for she return. She heard that on the radio and she came ago to me and also we ended up being engaged."

The pair got married a year after the song was released, but separation in 1995. They had actually two children, Aaron and also Julian.


The young girl in the 1982 video clip is Patty Wolfe, 17 year old and a an elderly at Tarpon Springs senior High in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

She was editor that the yearbook, and did not placed a solitary photo the herself due to the fact that she was incredibly camera shy. Patty to be summoned native her class one day and also when she gained to the hallway the major was standing with two men.

One to be staring at her face with his table of contents finger alongside his mouth the method people do as soon as they space thinking. Patty claimed they started touching her face and also then her hair and said they were casting for a video. The principal had actually to explain to her that she was picked indigenous the college year book and also was being taken into consideration for a music video clip for the song vital Largo sung by your high school alum Bertie Higgins.

Patty thanked them because that the consideration, but explained how camera embarrassy she was. She called the guys that there were plenty of pretty girl at the school and also they would certainly not have any type of trouble detect what castle needed.


This is particularly nostalgic tune with its references to the Casablanca movie. "Here"s lookin" in ~ you kid" is not Bogie and also Bacall in an essential largo. It"s Bogie and also Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Higgins composed this song with his producer, Sonny Limbo, who said incorporating the Bogart line, "Here"s looking in ~ you, kid," right into the lyric.

And, regardless of Bogie and also Bacall"s love of cruising in actual life, they never "sailed away to an essential Largo." they drove there.

The story continues...

The director referred to as the following morning and after talking to Patty"s mother and also offering money, her mother said Patty would certainly be act the video.  The director defined his visions because that the video and prior to long Patty was hooked ~ above the process.

The story of the song was that the relationship had failed. The singer is make the efforts to to convince his companion to shot again. Many of the scenes to be shot ~ above a boat and the girlfriend was to watch discouraged and also done.  

Watch this well-known video and then proceed the story listed below referencing with song lyrics, the feel the singer had on evenings throughout "That an initial cold winter together."

I discovered it amazing that the age distinction with Bogart and also Bacall was 25 years and the director of this video managed to uncover a young girl that was two decades younger than Bertie. Patty said Bertie was an extremely professional and also kind and when they went to Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs for their first shots she met Bertie"s wife, Beverly.   

There to be to be a couple of happy flashbacks and also hopeful ending but production sheathe up before they gained to movie the happy scenes. The director to be pleased v Patty"s performance but she thought the story and also the key Largo track memories can have been shed somewhere in the editing.

I remind an interesting discussion top top a popular site referred to as Song Facts and also they to be talking around the song, crucial Largo. There was this sexy girl elevator voice singing just a couple of words in a couple of spots in the song. They to be trying to recognize who she was.

I remember as soon as this to be out and on American peak 40. If I"m no mistaken, ns remember Casey Kasem saying the backing mrs vocals were done by, obtain this, Cheryl Ladd, from Charlie"s Angels! and she did have a tiny Top 40 fight by it s her in 1978, so she walk sing.

I have actually tried to operation this under a few times with no luck as to the yes, really singer, however Cheryl Ladd blends well v the song and also the year.

Watching old movies.A many in common with the personalities in them.


There are price quotes from a couple of Bogie films, "Here"s looking in ~ you, kid," and also "Play it again," both from Casablanca.

However, the point of the song is no to recreate the movie key Largo, however to recreate the feelings the the singer had actually on evenings throughout "That very first cold winter together," together they were "Trying so tough to stay warm".  They invested those evenings "Watching those old movies", and also began to feel a many in common with the characters in them.

With perfect lyrics, the melody, and also the compare of these 2 love stories, this to be an easy choice to add to my perform of favorites. They just don"t make "em like that anymore. It"s appropriate up there through songs choose "Escape" (The Piña Colada Song) and "Afternoon Delight." included to my list, this is another an excellent song that have the right to be considered timeless and also makes girlfriend feel an excellent every time girlfriend hear it.


This to be the only hit for the singer/songwriter Higgins, who started his career in the early "60s as the drummer in Tommy Roe"s back-up band, The Roemans. Tommy Roe is finest known because that his hit song “Sheila” and “Dizzy.”

During those years they to be the opening acts touring the people with the roll Stones, The coast Boys, Dave Clark Five, Manfred Mann, Roy Orbison and others. ~ 1968 he returned to Tarpon Springs to start a new phase in his music career. He was living in Atlanta and playing in clubs once he created "Key Largo." The soft-rock fantasy song was released as a single in 1981 top top Kat household Records peaking at #8, and reaching #1 on the Adult modern chart. Higgins" debut album, "Just one more Day In Paradise," to be released the following year and also included another movie-themed track in "Casablanca."Higgins sculpted out a niche in the "trop rock" (tropical) music genre through island song in the Jimmy Buffett vein, however never again reached the charts, leaving the a one-hit wonder and also his an essential Largo song memories.

Patty Wolfe is managing Director, Patty Wolfe Media Group.

PWMG strives to engage, motivate and also influence viewers through dynamic media production.

Patty Wolfe’s occupational at alphabet Sports heavily influenced her life and career. The first woman in ~ the network to straight a college football video game to a nationwide audience, Patty additionally worked top top the Olympics, Triple Crown horse racing, vast World that Sports, and also many various other events, earning three sporting activities Emmy Awards and also a director Guild the America recognition.Patty co-produced and co-owned the Jim Thorpe Pro sports Awards, the an initial network sports awards display which aired on alphabet for 4 years. Patty additionally worked at good Morning America and also was the coordinating producer for the Invictus gamings for ESPN in 2016. She developed live specials for Kathie Lee Gifford, short specials because that TVG, new York racing Association, Fox Sports, and videos because that Autism Speaks. Source: Patty Wolfe Media Group.

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Key Largo tune Lyrics1981-82Song writers:Bertie Higgins/Sonny LimboWrapped approximately each otherTrying so difficult to remain warmThat very first cold winter togetherLying in each others armsWatching those old moviesFalling in love for this reason desperatelyHoney, i was your heroAnd you were my leading ladyWe had actually it allJust choose Bogie and also BacallStarring in ours old late, late showSailing far to an essential LargoHere"s lookin" at you kidMissing all the points we didWe can uncover it when again, i knowJust favor they did in an essential LargoHoney, can"t friend rememberWe played all the partsThat sweet scene of surrenderWhen you offered me your heartPlease speak you willPlay that again"Cause ns love friend stillBaby, this can"t it is in the endWe had actually it all(We had actually it all)Just like Bogie and BacallStarring in our old late, late showSailing far to key LargoHere"s lookin" at you kid(Here"s lookin" in ~ you kid)Missing all the points we didWe can find it once again, i knowJust choose they did in an essential LargoWe had it all(We had actually it all)Just favor Bogie and also BacallStarring in our old late, late showSailing far to vital Largo

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