Learn just how To make Almond Flour At home Cheaper (than supermarket to buy almond flour) making use of a food processor or a high it is provided blender choose Vitamix. When you find out my DIY Almond Flour (or almond meal) techniques, you will have the ability to make it you yourself in minutes and also never need to spend extra money on it again.

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A couple of months ago, I published a recipe roundup article of my favourite almond flour recipes on Foolproof Living. Together I constantly do, I reserved it as a component of my weekly news that ns send out every Sunday. Since this to be my normal routine, i didn’t think much around it. However, to mine surprise, less than 15 minute after the news was sent my inbox was filled through replies from my readers with the exact same message.


They were saying that even though they loved baking through almond flour, they uncovered it come be also expensive to use on a continual basis.

It make me think, what if I could find a way to do almond flour at house cheaper than what that is marketed at the store. After ~ some digital search and also a most testing, i am happy to tell you that you no much longer need to invest extra come buy almond flour indigenous the supermarket.

What is Almond Flour Made out Of

Before we talk about how to do homemade almond flour, very first let’s talk about ingredients in almond flour.

Almond flour (or almond meal) is do with only one ingredient and also that is almonds. The species based on their shape and also cut could differ but regardless almond flour is do from almonds.

How To do Almond Flour

When it concerns making your very own almond flour, there room 2 points you must consider:

What kind almonds to useWhat form of devices to use

Types of Almonds to use To do Your very own Almond Flour

As you currently know, almonds come in several species and shapes. Raw, unsalted, roasted, salted, spiced, slivered, sliced, and also blanched are just to surname a few.

During my experiments, I uncovered that the listed below 3 almonds provide the finest results once it pertains to making almond flour:

Raw Unsalted Almond v the Skin On: These are the raw almonds that room unprocessed and also packaged after having their shells removed. These are right to make almond enjoy the meal at home.Slivered Almonds: Slivered almonds are usually blanched almonds sliced throughout their diameter into thin sticks. They room not much various than blanched almonds, yet I decided to incorporate them here as ns was may be to uncover some slivered almonds for cheap.

The Difference between Almond Flour and also Almond Meal

Before I proceed to talk around the devices used to do almond flour, I desire to make sure that you understand the difference between almond flour and almond meal. Almond enjoy the meal is made by handling (pulverizing) raw and also unsalted almonds with their skins on, whereas almond flour is made by processing blanched almonds (almonds v their skin removed).

Based top top my year of endure of baking v almond flour, I uncovered out that many of the moment they can be used interchangeably. Once I create my recipes, i make sure to include a note around whether you need to use one or the other. Luckily nowadays, many other food bloggers/recipe authors perform the same. However, if that is not mentioned in her recipe i recommend making use of almond flour instead of almond meal.

What Is The Difference between Ground Almonds and Almond Flour:

I have actually recently been asked about the difference in between ground almonds and almond flour. I believed I have to answer this question below as you can be wondering the very same thing.

The term ground almonds is an additional name for the almond meal (aka almond flour do by making use of almonds through the skin on). Therefore, the difference in between the two originates from the form of almonds supplied (with or there is no the skin) to do almond flour/meal.


Now, stop talk about the tools used to do almond flour or almond meal. Right here I desire to cite that you have the right to use every three species of almonds mentioned above to do your very own almond meal at home. Additionally, in bespeak to do it straightforward to manage and avoid almond flour transforming into almond butter, I offered 1 cup that almonds for both experiments mentioned below. If girlfriend need much more almond flour i recommend making that in 1-cup almond increments.

How To make Almond Flour In A Food Processor

To make almond flour in a food processor, you need 3 things:

Raw, blanched or slivered almondsFood Processor with the blade attachment (it is also called sabatier blade)A silicone spatula

The process is simple: come grind almonds into flour, place a cup that almonds in the bowl of a food processor fitted v the blade attachment and pulse for 50-60 time in 1-second increments. The most necessary thing here is to stop and also scrape the political parties of the bowl of the processor every 10 secs to make certain that (1) they room ground evenly and also (2) the almond flour does no turn into almond butter.

In mine experiments, mine almonds turned right into flour ~ 50 or 60 1-second pulses, however feel cost-free to stop earlier or continue longer. The whole procedure of grinding almonds in a food processor takes about 2-3 minutes.

How To do Almond Flour In a Vitamix (or other High it is provided Blender Brand)


One brand that ns love and use is Barney Butter Blanched Almond Flour (affiliate link). Together of the time I am composing this post, one 13 oz. Parcel of Barney Butter Almond Flour is $7.49 cents. If you perform the math, 1 cup of almond flour (4.2 oz.) concerns $2.42.

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In other words, by do my very own almond flour at residence using the techniques I mentioned previously I to be able to conserve 50%. If you have actually the time and also equipment, ns think this is a steal.