The Springfield, Neb., aboriginal was a drummer in numerous Omahabands before he relocated to brand-new York City number of years ago. There, hedated Stefani Germanotta, but they damaged up prior to she exit analbum under the name Lady Gaga. It came to be a hit; she becamefamous.

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In her recent single, "You and also I," Gaga sings about a namelesslover, presumably Carl: "Something about my cool Nebraska guy/Yeahsomething about/Baby you and I/Been 2 years since I let yougo."

"Gaga"s an initial album is entirely around their relationship and herlatest song, You and also I," is about how they got backtogether," an unnamed source told world magazine. "They"ve been inlove for a while."

Carl pays the bills as a bartender and also manager at reduced EastSide enclave St. Jerome"s in brand-new York City and, follow tocelebrity gossip blog such together and also, Gagahas to be spotted hanging out at the bar together of late.

Even despite gossip blogs and also celebrity news sites to speak they"redating, no party has shown anything. In ~ the bar, signs foremployees analysis "I don"t understand Luc" hang up near the phones incase inquiring media outlets call.

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Back in the day, Carl was a preppy, short-haired Omaha drummerin bands including Godspeed and others. Now 29, Carl sports along-haired, heavy-metal style.

Carl will publish a book, "The Drunk Diet: how I shed 40 Pounds… Drunk," in 2011. The book chronicles a year in Carl"s life whenhe decided to "lose load while drink alcohol heavily."

Carl additionally has a related blog,, whereby he provides dailyupdates on lifestyle and also exercise for human being who desire to stayhealthy but also have an active nightlife. Recent posts include"Luc Carl"s 4 Minute Abs," "4 various Push Ups. On the Bar." and"Get off the Bike."

"Next to functioning out, getting drunk is top top the peak of my perform of(stuff) to do," Carl write on his website. "The fact is, youcannot be fully … shredded if you"re drunk all the time. Youmust discover a balance."




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