It’s the time of the year again once cough drops end up being a necessity. Obtaining sick is unavoidable, yet you do not do it forget around your dogs as you share your medication cabinet. Sneeze drops are common remedies because that seasonal flu and also cold. They are great for humans yet can be dangerous for her pets.

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So, what happens if your dog eats cough drops?

Try no to scare if her dog coincidentally swallows cough drops. Make certain that your dog isn’t choking ~ above the cough drop, and also look at the ingredients. If you an alert a toxic ingredient, head the end to the emergency hospital immediately.

Read this guide to uncover out an ext about protecting your furry friend.

What to Do as soon as Your Dog Eats Halls sneeze Drops

Most people have eaten Halls sneeze drops, and so have numerous dogs. You may want come freak out, however you shouldn’t since this can make matters worse. Observe your dog and check the ingredients on cough drops prior to consulting your vet.


Xylitol is sugar-based alcohol, and also it sweetens cough drops. It is very dangerous for her dogs – too much of this toxic chemical can reason liver failure. It deserve to poison dogs, resulting in seizures or also death. If her dog ate a handful of cough drops include Xylitol, then you may want to consult your vet.

It can be for sure if your large dog only ate one cough drop, but this isn’t always the case. They probably ate more, and you do not do it take any kind of chances. Xylitol likewise causes a major blood sugar decrease in dogs, and this have the right to be very dangerous. If your sneeze drops only contain corn syrup, glucose, your dog might be safe. Simply keep one eye on her dog for signs.


You’ll find menthol in plenty of cough drops. That soothes ours throats and also helps suppress whooping cough. However, menthol deserve to be possibly fatal for a dog. It may not reason severe damages to an adult dog, but it deserve to lower blood oxygen levels in puppies. The ‘quick cooling’ activity can cause breathing difficulties in newborn puppies. Otherwise, menthol no a big concern, and also there are several medicated shampoos for adult dogs v menthol.


You won’t find this ingredient in plenty of throat lozenges or maximum-strength sore throat relief drops. They aid numb our throats, so you nothing feel any pain. If your dog ingests it, that may reason their tummies to it is in upset. However, the can cause Methemoglobinemia (a type of anemia) if consumed in higher doses. Examine if your dog is vomiting non-stop or has a swollen face and also jaw. It can also numb your dog’s tongue and also throat and be a throttle hazard.

Choking Hazard


Aside indigenous the threats of chemicals in sneeze drops, lock a high hazard for choking. Her dog might swallow an entire cough drop, i m sorry may cause choking. Smaller dogs are an ext susceptible come choking on sneeze drops.


Cough drops can cause intestinal obstruction. Your pet have the right to ingest sneeze drops but can’t digest plastic wrappers. If her dog eats a handful of sneeze drops through wrappers, that can reason intestinal blockage. Your dog may need surgery to eliminate this obstruction. Castle won’t have the ability to use the bathroom and also end up having actually a deadly blockage. You should consult her vet instantly if this happens.


Sugar isn’t an excellent for dogs and will do them hyperactive. If castle consume too lot sugar, that can likewise cause diarrhea and also vomiting. Over there is a high hazard of your dog occurring diabetes, liver failure, and tooth decay.


These incorporate the flavors and also colors the manufacturers use in cough drops. Most manufacturers use synthetic additives to boost the appearance and also taste of the sneeze drops.

Eucalyptus Oil

Most important oils are poor for dogs. If her dog inhales or ingests eucalyptus oil, it deserve to badly influence their health. When your dog ingests a Halls cough drop, intend them to build eucalyptus poisoning. The results start through vomiting yet will conveniently turn right into seizures, depression, and also other wellness complications.

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If her dog eats sneeze drops, observe their symptoms, and also take notes. You deserve to share these notes with the veterinarian. Discover out how countless Halls cough drops they ate. Walk you capture your dog eating one or a whole bag?

Check to view if her dog likewise ate the plastic wrappers. This will increase the risk of minister blockage. Keep in mind that no every cough drop can reason damage, for this reason make sure that the sneeze drops don’t contain harmful ingredients that can cause severe health issues.

How Long earlier was it? depending upon how long back you think her dog ate the cough drops, your vet may have to have a various treatment approach.

Final Thoughts

If your dog eats a cough drop, you should look because that distress signs. You must monitor behavior changes choose lethargy, vomiting, and challenge breathing. Above a vet instantly if her dog’s health aggravates.

Frequently request Questions


Can cough drops death a dog?

Some ingredients found in sneeze drops space toxic to dogs. One sneeze drop can cause only minor gastrointestinal upset. Seek instant veterinary help if your dog’s wellness or habits changes.

Can cough drops make you sick?

You have the right to suffer an adverse symptoms native ingesting too numerous cough drops. Constantly read the label and never exceed the recommended dose. If you concerned about overdosing, watch for cough drops the don’t contain any menthol.

What happens if mine pet eats ten sneeze drops?

If your pet ate ten cough drops, you should contact your veterinarian.

Can dogs smell menthol?

Dogs don’t like menthol-based products due to the fact that they room sensitive come the solid smell. Dogs have the right to smell more vapor than humans with their super-powered noses. Smelling menthol or Vicks can cause a burn sensation, skin irritation, and watery eyes.

What health troubles do dogs have?

Dogs have the right to suffer from miscellaneous health troubles ranging from digestive issues, ear infections, eye problems, skin, and dental disease. Plenty of of these conditions reason uncomfortable symptoms because that our favorite pets.

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Is mine dog dice or just sick?

If her dog is eating less, chances are they’re simply sick, and also you should consult her vet. As soon as a dog is dying, they may experience extreme lethargy and challenge breathing. Shallow breaths are a clear authorize of a dice dog.