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“We came here on our first night in Williamsburg. As soon as we to walk in the door and also heard many singing, i wasn't certain if my team was going to enjoy the atmosphere. (They aren't into…” more


“Came here during a trip to Williamsburg. Heard a lot around this place and also decided to examine it out. It is a healthy food menu and it shows as such. I began out with the…” more

“If you want to eat here, make certain you do a preventive ahead of time. While us were waiting to be seated, many civilization came right here to shot and acquire a table and…” more

“First the all, if the corn soup ($14) is available... Bespeak IT! It to be the best soup ns have ever tasted. Creamy, sweet, salty, and also savory. Loved every bite.…” more

“The restaurant is easy to miss out on from the main road. The parking many is big and unintuitive. There's a small fountain right exterior to offer the outdoor some…” more

“We gained there when they opened up to discover that you require reservations. After seeing exactly how busy lock are, the made full sense. The hostess told united state to inspect back…” more

“First Brittany was fantastic. The food selection is insane, however the execution is better. Brats and red curry. Short rib and also Kim chi, swedish meatballs and loganberry…” more

“The food itself was absolutely incredible! yet the employee was also better! us were offered by Emily K and also every ide she made to be perfect! I'm a super…” more

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“Delicious. Yes, really cool environment. I obtained a fajita burrito with chicken. Good beers top top tap. Certain must inspect it the end if her in town.” more

“I have constantly felt that good service is not around making no mistakes, but about how mistakes room resolved. My dinner in ~ Fat Tuna was exactly what i was looking…” more