The Winchester model 1200 shotgun to be designed in between 1957 and 1963 through a team of engineers at the Winchester company. It was intended as an effort to construct a more contemporary and less expensive instead of to the aging Winchester M12 shotgun, which had to be in production since 1912. The brand-new model, designated as ‘Winchester 1200’, was an initial offered together a sporting and also hunting pistol in 1964, and its combat version, universally known as the ‘Winchester 1200 riot gun’, was first offered in 1965. This shotguns to be widely embraced by a variety of US legislation enforcement agencies. Both the us Army and Marine corps additionally bought a number of specially changed Model 1200 Riot guns (with heat shields and bayonets) beginning in 1968, because that use during the Vietnam war. Production of the Winchester design 1200 shotgun end in 1983, in donate of a slightly boosted version: Model 1300.

Winchester 1200 riot gun, military version

The Winchester version 1200 shotgun is a manually operated, slide (pump) activity shotgun. That is ammunition is stored in one underbarrel tubular magazine, i m sorry is loaded v the opening at the bottom of the receiver. Breech locking is accomplished by a rotating bolt head with four radial lugs that connect a short barrel extension. This enables the recipient to be made indigenous lightweight aluminum alloy. A manual safety is located at the front of the trigger guard, and also the cause unit is equipped v a disconnector, so the the model 1200 can not be ‘slam-fired’ favor its famous predecessors, Models 97 and 12. Riot guns were typically fitted with plain wooden furniture and rubber recoil pads ~ above the shoulder stock.

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Countless police problem guns and also ‘Defender’ versions offered on the civilian market had actually plain, cylinder boring barrels 18 customs long. Winchester 1200 riot shotguns to buy by the US military were fitted through 20-inch cylinder bore barrels, perforated heat shields make of stamped steel and mounts because that long-obsolete M1917 bayonets.

Winchester 1200 Defender with prolonged magazine

Data for Winchester M1200 revolt guns

Full text nameWinchester version 1200 shotgun (USA)
Caliber cartridge12 Gauge
Action typemanual
Trigger typesa
Overall length, mm938 or 1034
Barrel length, mm457 or 508
Weight empty, kg2.9
Magazine capacity, rounds4